Indie Tracks of the Week: Varada | Dope Lemon | This is the Deep

Well, 2020 is winding down, the leaves have turned, and death is in the air – so what could be better than brewing up a pot of coffee, kicking back, lighting one up, and soaking in some radical vibrations of the underground.

On deck we have three artists who are teetering on the fringe. Artists whose sonic textures range from oceanic soundscapes to lighter indie-pop moods. And although the spectrum may be eclectic, rest assured that the art you are about to receive is authentic and honest to the bone.


“Mind Set” by Varada is a mellow vibration inspired by a trip to Almeria, Spain. The soundscape is infused with desert and oceanic vibrations.

Varada is the project of Ángel Negrín, an experimental artist who is based out of Spain. Varada’s eclectic indie music sits somewhere between a psychedelic texture and post-modern rock. A progressive breed of independent rock that is not for the faint of heart. Keep up with the project on Spotify.

Dope Lemon

Dope Lemon’s new track “Kids Fallin’ In Love” sounds like how the the end of summer might feel – faded, with a glimmer of nostalgia, but kind of heartbreaking in the end because there is a bite in the air, and the echo of autumn can be heard whispering through the leaves.

Nonetheless, iridescent vocals float atop an eclectic soundscape of intricate beauty, fully capturing the essence of lo-fi indie-pop. “Kids Fallin’ In Love” is a track that’ll only get better with time. You can bet on it. Keep up with Dope Lemon on Spotify.

This is the Deep

“Simulator” is about the bizarre experience of our supposed reality in the post-digital age. The track features the processed vocals of a band member’s 8 year old cousin talking about online gaming. The jam drips with the philosophical conundrum related to to the simulation theory. Nevertheless, it is a groovy slow burner one can vibe with.

This Is The Deep is a collective of diverse artists who are committed to crafting a visual and sonic world of ironically intricate beauty. The project also makes their own plasticine album artwork, popcorn sculptures, stop-motion, and CGI videos. Give them a follow on Spotify.

And as always, all the tracks here at Santa Rosa Records are picked by hand and featured on our Spotify playlist, [fresh] lo-fi indie of the underground. The playlist features a diverse range of independent slow burners that are mellow in nature and psychedelic to a certain extent. Playlist is updated regularly, so give it a follow you filthy animal.


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