José Lobo

José Lobo was born in Venezuela, raised in Brazil, but is currently residing in the great northern land of Canada. José Lobo has performed on the streets and many hollow stages across Europe, North Africa, and the Americas.

Influenced by the folklore of the Venezuelan tonada and the rhythms of bossa nova, José Lobo continues to explore his identity to this day as an authentic Americana artist through his eclectic songwriting and talents as a producer.

“Poder Decir Adiós” is a romantic Latin American slow jam fit for the glorious depths of purgatory. The dreamy song is about how the quarantine made José Lobo feel during the month of august and how he naively yearned for the coming of autumn.

José Lobo wrote “Poder Decir Adiós” towards the end of august and recorded it a week later. It was in large part inspired by the bands he listened to when he was a teenager growing up in Brazil.

The heart-wrenching track was recorded at Fraser McClean’s home studio (who is also on lead guitar, bass, drums, and keys). The single was produced by José Lobo and mixed by Andres Puche.

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Ellis Walker

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