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KALI – Back To The Start

The talented and perhaps borderline brilliant 16-year-old artist who goes by the name of KALI (full name Kali Flanagan) shares with us her debut single and music video entitled “Back To The Start”.

The track is a blurry slow-burner set in the city streets of the metropolis. It’s the kind of track that gets better with every listen. Like a fine wine. Indeed, a true nostalgic throwback to a thing lost not so long ago. A thing you just can’t quite remember, but a thing you know that is fresh, innovative, and oh so natural in every metaphysical sense.

“Back To The Start” is the perfect introduction to KALI – an artist who we expect much more creative output from in the very near future. And we can’t wait!

Her Incredibly lush and introspective soundscape on this particular track captures the enticing visual co-directed by KALI, Zealand Yancy and Sophia Ziskin. A visual that fully encapsulates the fresh and tender rush of being a teenager in the city with your friends.

Keep up with KALI on Instagram and give her a follow on Spotify.

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Daddy Boyfriend

Jessica Lea Mayfield’s next album will be made up of a series of two song increments on 7 inch multi color vinyls. The artist also shares with us the animated video for “Daddy Boyfriend” created by New York City artist, Abby Jame.

The track is a grungy, yet soft teeshirt that’s quite worn and a bit faded, but fits you just perfectly. That’s exactly how we feel about Jessica Lea Mayfield’s track “Daddy Boyfriend”.

In all honesty, the track was a bit perplexing at first, but the more we thought about it, the more we realized that in a very direct sense little girls do indeed idolize their daddies. Especially the ones who pamper them by taking them to the zoo, buying them ice cream cones, and taking them to the cinema. Indeed, these are all things that a person would do for their significant other. And what did mother always say? Oh yes: “Honey, you’ll prbably end up with somebody like your father.”

I digress, so in the meantime, keep up with JLM on Instagram and give her a follow on Spotify you filthy animals.


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