Top Indie Music Videos | 2020

This year was a long one, but it’s almost over my fair-weather friends. And now as you wait upon the coming year, just remember always that from the mud we will arise once again and return to the stars.

All is not lost. A new day beckons and the sun will peak its head over the horizon. Fear only the master, for love will rule supreme in the end. Now drink up, for tonight may just be your last night on this little lonely planet we like to call earth.

Before that inevitable day of doom arrives, we will help you get through these last few weeks of darkness. Indeed, we now present to you the very best music videos (featured right here on Santa Rosa Records) from the dire year of 2020. Now may be at least somewhat merry this holiday season. You all deserve it. Perhaps you all aren’t so filthy after all.

And now to send us off into the darkness of winter are The Velvoids, an underground project based out of Athens. Hideaway, a Denver-based artist, songwriter, and producer known as Jeff Cormack (an individual who creates indie music infused with luscious harmonies dripping with that glorious vibration known as reverb). Bobby T. Lewis, an alternative folk artist out of Springfield, Missouri. Novelty Island, a psychedelic rock project from planet earth. The one and only psych-rock collective known as the Shattercones. Charley Crockett, an outlaw country artist out of Texas. The beautiful indie pop princess, Jessica Lea Mayfield. And the super psychedelic pop project dubbed Baby FuzZ.

We hope that you enjoy! And remember that these tracks are all slow burners, so be sure to give them at least a couple spins.

“ASPIDISTRA” by The Velvoids (Basement Sessions)

“South Of France” by Hideaway

Moon Pie” by Bobby T. Lewis

“The End of the Whirl” by Novelty Island

“Oppenheimer” by Shattercones”

“Lily My Dear” by Charley Crockett

“Daddy Boyfriend” by Jessica Lea Mayfield

“Acid Night” by Baby FuzZ

Well, we hope that you enjoyed the music, and although this year has been particularly difficult for many, one cannot help but feel that these recent events have been necessary for our survival. A sort of trial to strengthen us for what is to come.

“What does not kill me makes me stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols (1888)

Now take some time off, try and spend some quality time with loved ones, and prepare yourself for the year ahead because it’s going to be a wild one. After all. what goes in, must come out.

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