juno roome

We knew next to nothing about juno roome before we heard “capitol”. And, it’s safe to say that we still know very little, but what we do now know is that juno roome is a meteor preparing to take flight.

The overarching sound of juno’s latest release is an ethereal semblance of harmonic artistry intertwined with a mournful illusion of a faded dream. And while the ornate collection of guitars and drums drive the track forward, the ethereal vocals float atop a hazy soundscape littered with pure emotion.

As the track’s finale culminates in pure sonic ecstasy, our hearts here in the studio fluttered with butterflies. We feel that this sound is truly a vision of the near-future of outsider indie.

While still maintaining a reflection of a nostalgic mood from the past, it’s music like this that makes the journey bearable, and even enjoyable if one attains the outlook of abundance, and begins to envision the path of the surreal.

Appreciate the journey and try not to look back. It will all be over before we know it. The ride is long, and it will be hard at times, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Keep up with juno on Spotify and be sure to give the project a follow on Instagram. Also, stream Juno’s music from other platforms and check out his radical shirts, here.


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Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.

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