VI: Eve Adams – Blues Look The Same (2021)

You can feel it. The long drawn hand of a sliding guitar reaching out, sweeping travelers up to floating heights and old sights of the past. It appears a seamless rise as a sweet voice wraps around the hand only to offer a fuller sense of ascent to this flight of sadness and forgotten fancy.

Future and destination sink to the outlying regions of the mind’s eye as LA’s very own Eve Adams’ lulls listeners into what she calls a “place between places” in her opening track, “Blues Look the Same”. This introduction to the nostalgic world of her third album, Metal Bird, amasses a merry-go-round of grounded melodies and sounds that collectively creates a jet-setting atmosphere of a modest, yet melancholy track steeped in the blues. Like a dreamy surrender from the past, Adams’ smooth soothing vocals daintily directs her fellow travelers through the bittersweet turbulence of a fading memory. 

Traveling to such an altitude rarely comes without the fuel of great lows. Living without landing. Presence in the past. Existence apart from arrival. All commonplace feelings in the traveler’s mind who experience the weight of life, the uncertainty of circumstances, or the shattered senses of a great loss.

Here lies the catalyst of Adams album and the heart of her artistry. Through her own personal loss, Adams offers companionship and a guiding hand to a communal experience she calls “exploring the sky.”  Allowing personal vulnerability to sit as the cornerstone of her craft, she transformed her hardship through great honesty and understanding into music that reaches far, wide, and inside.

Gifting life’s great pains as a romantic getaway in the sky is generous but far from self-indulgent. Like a fine-tuned radar, Adam’s navigated introspection with an emotional agility that lands lightly but just enough to collect companions. Through the extraordinary juxtapositions of lost loves and lovely losses, great heights and looming lows, Adam’s gives her listeners the truth that while they are lost in the sky, they are not alone. 

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