Bedroom Nostalgia Ft. José Lobo, Ángel Rafael, Jintana & Emeralds

José Lobo

José Lobo was conceived in Venezuela, brought up in Brazil, but currently resides in the peaceful land of Canada.

“Quedatela” is a winsome track recorded and produced last summer on Jose’s phone, it’s about having a conversation with oneself as the outskirts of the mind flirt between sane rational thought and the more manic ideas of the inner-world.

As the days last year were slowly passing by, a picture a friend gave Jose, a picture of cliffs by the pacific ocean – helped Jose keep his mind intact, and helped him to keep moving forward despise the onslaught of negative press.

Although he laid in bed with water that swelled within his head. He rose from his bitter dread, with spinning thoughts of sadness in his weary head. These are some of the words that come to mind as Lobo plays softly in the background and rain splatters upon the concrete patio.

Mellotron is also heard throughout as the poignant vocals of Lobo beautifully accent the soundscape. The track was beautifully mixed by Victor Zhang.

Lobo has performed in streets and stages across Europe, North Africa and the Americas. He continues to explore his sound as a Latin American through his songwriting stylistic path.

Ángel Rafael

A lush and sensual track. “Blue Plate” has intrinsic characteristics of a lo-fi pop, yet atmospheric track dripping with ambiance.

Chill-wave vibrations encapsulate the bedroom jam that’s dripping with epicurean energy. A seeker of the downtempo voluptuous.

He gives his stone a shake, and walks until the fate of the world that is slowly setting adrift.

No direct lyrics but ethereal vocals start about a minute in, and then the iridescent percussion comes in just after. And from that point on, the track has the listener in its grip. A trancelike experience of bestial ineptitude.

Mastered at Spice house sound by Alex Santilli. The track is a must listen as we slowly drift out of primavera.

Jintana & Emeralds

Japans’s very own, Jintana & Emeralds dreamy nostalgic single is a trip back through memory lane.

Hailing from the city of Tokyo, Jintana & Emeralds is known for their Doo-Wop sound and blending American Oldies with progressive Japanese ambient music.

The six-member band is back together after taking a long break to release their next album.

The project is an idyllic universe straight out of the 1950s that runs parallel to ours. The only other sound’s the break, of distant waves and birds awake. The stone is gentle, smooth, yet fake. An ominous ode of nostalgia to a sound now dead and gone.

“Oh! Southern Wind” is an alternative take on the group’s well known sound and effortlessly fuses the harmony of three female vocalists into a single delectable delight fit for kings and queens alike.


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