Folk Revival Ft. Jeremy Summer, Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations

Sunday at the Cottage by Jeremy Summer is quintessential old time folk music. A faded minimalistic vision set upon a metaphysical plane complete with old overalls and a strawberry rhubarb pie cooling on a windowsill.

The sound is a stripped down jamboree complimented with a ripping and roaring banjo, an erratic spoon percussion section, and a gritty voice that pierces through the vail and seems to penetrate the inner cavities of the mind.

Jeremy Summer is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Keep up with him on Bandcamp.

A folk ditty, however hard or little it tries, will always be a sentimental reflection to the romantic. Never forget the bathetic tunes of the underground. For this is folk, and folk will never die.

From the mystical forests of the north, with roots in folk, blues, and rock, Wheel of Fortune by Soul Zimon & His Kozmic Combinations is the latest track from the Americana project.

The track is influenced by an atmospheric acoustic sound, complete with a raw voice and melodic guitar, straight from the dirty swampland.

The sound encapsulates that old western wasteland feeling, perhaps because it was recorded in a small cabin using simple instruments and recording gear.

I cannot help but stop and listen to a hauntingly nostalgic tune. Never forget the unforgettable and persistent tunes of days now dead and gone. For this is folk, and folk will never die.


Published by

Charles Johnson

Independent journalist from Far West Texas.

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