Le Cirque Ft. Johannas Kabaréorkester, Casachanclas, Train Fantôme

The opening song we have for you today, entitled “Lindansen”, is a lovely eclectic tune, indeed a cryptic waltz dancing its way into the carnival of the bizarre. A premeditated sonic routine of sorts, subjugated by the supernatural.

The waxing and waning soundscape sweep the listener off to a far away sonic festival complete with a troupe of dancing elephants and a one-eyed cycling monkey dressed up as a mime.

A public freak show of the sublime. A true peek behind the facade of the circus.

The track is about the feats of tightrope walker Johanna as she amazes yet horrifies the audience with her dance with death. 

Johannas Kabaréorkester is based out of Sweden. Give the artist a sub on YouTube.

Casachanclas is an indie rock collective emanating timeless vibrations of a voracious nature. The project is out of Berkeley, California.

The band binds elements of indie, surf, and dance music.

Their first self-produced EP came out July 1st.

“Bliss” is a harmonic desert rock, guitar driven track depicting lucid dreams of a catatonic sort.

It’s got a slow and steady assent with pixelated drum machines, a funky bass, voluptuous vocal melodies, and eclectic piano accents. The cyclical soundscape intertwines harmonic vocals and a hair-raising guitar of grit.

Feel free to settle down light one up and take a load off. And be sure to keep up with the Casachanclas on YouTube.

Freak folk extraordinaire Train Fantôme is an eclectic artistic duo out of France. Their latest track is a psychedelic slow dance into the underworld of all that is roots music.

I played this song for my three year old niece. And she said: “leave this song on”. And then she danced through the living room while making up her own lyrics of toddler gibberish. She loved it. And if she loved it, then so will you. Now, lend an ear.

Train Fantôme is made up of Lise Dua and Antoine Nouel, and this track is off of their upcoming album “Nous sommes dans un rêve”.

The vocals are a sweet and refreshingly delicate aromatic fragrance coupled with an eclectic assortment of subdued instrumentation. Little more than a fragmented dreamscape smelling of fresh cut grass on a warm spring time afternoon. A true treat for the romantic at heart.

If you want to hear more, Train Fantôme can be found on YouTube. Don’t forget to give the project a sub. And as always, keep on keeping on.


Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.