Zoning Out with Chicago Hartley, Joshua Jones, and VAAAL

Chicago Hartley

Chicago Hartley is a psychedelic project in pure low fidelity by the innovative Swedish music producer, Jimmy Ledrac.

“Zoning Out”, a track by Chicago Hartley, will bring a tear to the eye if you let it. Indeed, it pulls on the heartstrings and brings one to a somber state of meditative solitude.

The wailing organ and eclectic soundscape brings an ornate and colorful element to the psychedelic hammond laden tune. It’s a true treat for the connoisseur of sound vibration.

Joshua Jones

The UK native Joshua Jones delivers his latest track, “Just Like You.” A rare rugged gem from the wasteland of psychedelia.

Growing up in various regions of the UK from the vast coasts of South West Cornwall to the small islands of Herm and Guernsey located in the English Channel off the coasts of Normandy. Jones found a pastime in writing and recording music early on.

By the close of his teenage years, Joshua planted roots within the bustling city of London, working in a West London music studio. There he spent countless nights honing his craft.

Joshua currently resides in Stockholm where he continues to write and work on his music. In short, Jones delivers raw emotion that has left us all wanting more.

Spotify Bonus Track Ft. David Per Martensson & VAAAL

VAAAL is part artist, mad scientist, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and synthesist.

His self-titled debut album is a deep dive into his dark and twisted fantasy world, full of handmade instruments, experimental sound choices, and cinematic, epic valleys and peaks.

Bowed string instruments, analog synthesizers and the granular essence of love bathed in real spring reverb makes this piece a meditative experience of reflection and true gratitude.

From the deepest ambient drones and textural soundscapes to high-intensity percussive explosions and bombastic orchestras, this album is a trip through the multiverse and beyond.


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