Friendly Faces – Why Do I Care [SRTV]

Tonight we bring to you an alternative psych-folk project out of the Windy City of Chicago. Here is the lo-fi bedroom track, Why Do I Care by Friendly Faces. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It’s an infectious little tune. Now roll one up, sit back, and take a load off. Friendly Faces will do the rest. Just relax.

The group consists of Cameron Goulder and Griffin Mang who write and record all of their own music. And although the aesthetic is exceedingly mellow in nature — we feel that this song would make for a beautiful background track as the world crumbles and burns to the ground in total chaos. In closing, the imperfections throughout are what makes this track simply perfect.

Give the project a listen on Spotify — they’ve got a slew of good stuff!

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