The Eclectic Selection Ft. Binker & Moses, Blume, Central Heat Exchange, and Hezzy Brae

Binker & Moses

Eccentric London jazz duo Binker & Moses are joined by artist Max Luthert on loops and electronics, who moved the eclectic sound into a more ambient & experimental space, while still staying true to the duo’s roots in riff-heavy free-form jazz.

Their latest track “Feed Infinite” is the projects first fresh material since their 2017 album “Journey To The Mountain Of Forever”, and its subsequent live albums “Alive In The East?” and “Escape The Flames”.

“Feed Infinite” was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Studios by Max Luthert, who shifted the sound into an alternate universe that seemed to cross into the ambient, yet minimalistic and experimental space of jazz, whilst infusing elements of electronic music.

Binker and Moses are amongst a loose yet interconnected group of London-based jazz artists that are influenced by the music that surrounds them. Keep up with the project on YouTube.


“Just Take” is the first track off of the new album ‘In Reverse’ — released back on November 19. The mutating album consists of ten sweeping tracks filled with plentiful psychedelic goodness and experimentalism.

The writing and recording process took place in a dark little apartment spare room, in Downtown Edmonton, in the springtime of 2021 — and attains a more upbeat vibration in comparison to some of Blume’s heavier and hazier arrangements of the past.

“By the end of the process I was left with ten songs that I was pleased with. I feel like these ten songs take off where the previous album left off, but continue to grow into something new while still being familiar.”

And we feel the same. The nostalgic essence of Blume is almost too much for us to handle. The glistening soundscape seems to ripple with every pulsation. It’s a sonic spectacle to behold. It’s almost like we’ve heard it before.

Central Heat Exchange

Central Heat Exchange (C.H.E.) is an eclectic collaborative indie project — the primary individuals are Adam Soloway of Living Hour, Santiago RD of Daphne Tunes, and Jacob and Paul Stoltz of Varsity and Pool Holograph, though their forthcoming output involves an even broader network of artists.

Recorded in 2020 across thirteen different bedroom studios, the eleven tracks on their debut project explores themes of communication, companionship, separation and collectivism. And now, here is the blissful “Cold”, a frigid track filled with fragmented luminescence.

““Cold” is a dark & expansive psychedelic experience, and I wanted to create a video with cold colors and constantly morphing shapes to match. This was my first music video incorporating video feedback, which involves pointing a camera at its own monitor, tweaking camera placement and color settings, putting things in front of the camera, etc. It was a pretty pure and rewarding early experiment with the technique. I added Adam and my floating, singing heads into this world to complete the video.” — Jacob Stolz  

Hezzy Brae

Hezzy Brae is an eclectic and diverse recording artist out of Baltimore, Maryland. His melodic flow over the beat in low fidelity is as smooth as whipped cream dripping down a hot fudge sundae.

It’s good smoking music if your’e sitting by the beach, or anywhere really. And although it borders on the fringe of pop music, we still felt the track belonged in the Santa Rosa universe. Now take a listen. It’s a slow burner.

“Wanna get high when I’m already high but I wanna get higher.” Ah yes, the conundrum of the ancients still plagues us with its pestilence to this very day. Now go forth, and prosper.

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