Indie Gems of early-2022 Ft. Secret Cigarette, Inspark, John Mancini Band, and Sacramento x De Marion

Secret Cigarette

Salt and Sand is the fourth release from psych-rock extraordinaries — Secret Cigarette.

Inspired by the Boston Great Molasses Flood of 1919, Salt and Salt came together after much esoteric research and reflection upon this strange tragedy. Now, sit back, take a load off, and receive the sacramental gift that is — Secret Cigarette. You may just be worthy to partake my friend.

Secret Cigarette is a (mostly) Providence, RI based project influenced by nature and the unknown extremities of the cosmos.

They record with mostly vintage instruments and hand-made percussion, in addition to pedals and effects from local artists and music companies.

Having toured extensively with other bands, the members of Secret Cigarette look to keep a low profile — in other word, you won’t find their names attached to their former accolades.

During covid lockdown, band members began recording at home, exploring their instrumental strengths, and collaborating — all on the digital front. Some of the band members have yet to even meet each other, though they hope to change that here very soon.


This is the very first release for lo-fi savant, Inspark. 

The track has an emotional beat and a texture of contemplative resonance. A true treat for all you bedroom dreamers out there. Now, sit back and enjoy this little chilled out — and relaxing tune. It’s a dandy.

The track is just perfect for meditative moments of ease and clarity. And the artwork is just phenomenal. It is rare that a debut track makes it on Santa Rosa Records, but this one is special.

We hope to hear more from this artist, very soon.

John Mancini Band

John started writing music while working as a painter in Colorado and began performing regularly when he moved to Southern Mississippi. But after returning to his hometown of Baltimore, he started JMB, recorded two full-length albums — that culminated in a tour — before he settled down in the Bay Area.

“Under My Skin” has that special something. That retro throwback to an era now gone, but never dead. Now, give it a listen.

Seeking a balance of melody, groove, and lyrical depth, John has published more than forty songs since his debut. His latest being Best Western.

Honing an aesthetic that has come to define his sound, John draws from an Americana tradition of psychedelia, folk, and roots music. And we hope to hear more from John very soon!

Sacramento x De Marion

Sacramento is Italian dreamboat artist — Steve Fileti.

Hailing from the shores of Sicily with a peculiar West Coast attitude, this is Steve’s very first solo project, with De Marion of course. And we think you’ll absolutely fall in love with it. Here, take a listen to this electronic underground slow-burner of complete and total laidback nostalgia.

Imbued with a newfangled hint of chillwave and lo-fi indie pop textures — the track will take one on a spiritual quest through the iridescent waters of psychedelia and leave you on the celestial shores of a faraway planet.

In closing, Sacramento will have you dreaming of bowling nights, fancy motels with pools and the best fucking Margaritas of your life. Sacramento is what happens when you add that much well-known Italian flair to the synth pop Cali tunes of the new golden age.


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