gadmusic experiments with the forbidden

GADmusic is an alternative indie project out of L.A. — infused with ambient electronic undertones of heartbreak. Each song seems to naturally build upon itself as the music weaves, wanes, and evolves — bleeding through the fabric of space and time — before dissolving into a state of nothingness.

Some may hear these avant-garde vibrations and feel that they’re too minimal , emotional, repetitive, or even moody perhaps. But what we hear is an individual exploring the multifaceted layers of consciousness. A wandering energy, dissecting the cyclical nature of the universe, seeing beyond the veil of ignorance, and peering into the abyss of the great beyond.

It’s as if we’re approaching the technological singularity in music — in an electronic sense. A true — yet relative — pinnacle in the mind of the weary dreamer.

What a treat to behold, please stay tuned my friends, for more is upon the glowing horizon. Eternity awaits.

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Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.

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