Diamonds in the Rough Ft. Jacob King, Markus Nikolaus, The Kerosene Hours, and Feedbag

Jacob King

Jacob King is a singer-songwriter and exceptional guitarist out of Buffalo, NY.

His vocals quiver and shake, and simply bring a calm feeling of antiquated hope to the listener.

His aesthetic is quite vintage. And sounds as if it was recorded in the basement of the Brill Building in the latter half of the sixties.

King’s music was recorded on 4-track cassette. And released on the indie label, Foxhead Record Co. Keep up with his music on Spotify!

Markus Nikolaus

The quintessential underground sound could be summed up by the raucous vibrations of Markus Nikolaus. But, would not one wish to hear more?

The vocals are oh so poignant, the aesthetic is gritty, and the beat is just to die for. What more could a rock and roller wish for?

The track is rugged, yet embodies a sleek and relaxed sound, a sound that evokes emotions of the darker, more unique quadrant of indie rock.

Keep up with Markus Nikolaus on Spotify, and be sure to give him a follow!

The Kerosene Hours

Have you ever been so very upset at her that you wear her favorite dress, just to make her mad? Well my fair-weather friends, that’s what this song entails. And we’re not so sure you’ll ever regret wearing it.

The underground dream is alive and well with this particular track. So much so in fact, we feel it belongs within a David Lynch film.

Now sit back, relax, and get down to the cyclical madness of The Kerosene Hours.

We hope that you enjoyed this track, as much as we did.

And please don’t be selfish, share the love and get down and dirty with the king of the modern day crooner. Don’t be afraid.

Stay up to date with The Kerosene Hours on Spotify!


A long, long, time ago, out of the deep waters of Stagnant Pond, Feedbag arose from the depths. Covered with moss and oh so very primal. Indeed, she emerged from the dark waters with fragments of melodies in her head. And over the aeons, the melodies slowly took form and have at last reached their final stage.

And lucky for you, she lives on to share these melodies with you.

We don’t cover many cover tracks, but a unique cover that we feel may supersede the original, is always welcome on our platform.

This lo-fi underground version seems to beckon to a deeper place, and is riddled with a downtrodden emotion of happy sadness. A true work of art in our lowly opinion.

Follow Feedbag on Spotify you filthy vagrants of the underground! It’d be much appreciated.

Now go, and spread the word, for the world weeps with sadness, because deep down inside, we all know that the superficial music on the popular airwaves completely blows.


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