Lo-Fi Rhinestones Ft. Billy TwangMan, Oinker Doinkers, bellhoss, Ames Harding, Color Tv, and The Poppy Seeds [YouTube]

Billy TwangMan

Alternative folk artist, Billy TwangMan, draws from a deep well of introspective meanderings. “My Dear Darling” is a gritty lo-fi track that immediately draws the listener into its moody, atmospheric world.

The distorted soundscape creates a sense of easy tension that is maintained throughout the track, while the sparse percussion and haunting vocals complement the otherworldly feel.

Despite its minimalistic approach, the song conveys a sense of raw emotion that is utterly captivating. The track’s experimental nature and unconventional structure add to its overall sense of cryptic beauty.

Oinker Doinkers

“Black Mold” is a freak folk diamond in the rough of psychedelia from the underworld of the Oinker Doinkers. An ensemble known as the happiest, and perhaps the grittiest band on earth.

The laidback and relaxed track is a damn slow burner about the downward spiral of a life gone awry. A self-deprecating tune about poverty and the will to survive. An absolute dandy.


“This song is 7 words that spoke the truth to the people I love the most.”

The winsome track is about family. The emotionally charged anthem speaks to a deeper placed filled with emotion and heartfelt sentiment.

bellhoss sits in a lucid purgatory between underground folk and bedroom lo-fi post-punk, writing sad songs for people who keep secrets.

The project specializes in puppy birthday parties (alongside run-of-the-mill sad dog birthday clowns) and government acronyms. An instant classic.

Ames Harding

“Peacock” celebrates male flamboyance, contrasting flirting to the mating ritual of tropical birds.

The song is a sultry and seductive indie rock track that oozes with sensuality and swagger. From the very first note, the listener is drawn in by the smooth, groovy guitar riffs and the sultry, smooth vocals that weave in and out of the soundscape.

The track’s lyrics are unabashedly provocative, filled with innuendos and suggestive imagery that paint a vivid vision of the passion and desire at the heart of the song.

The well-crafted instrumentation of the track creates an irresistible sense of cool that perfectly captures the mood of the track.

Color Tv

Experimental freak folk project, Color Tv, has been self releasing music since 1993.

The track is a mind-bending trip through a hazy, dreamlike world of psychedelic wonder. The track’s unconventional instrumentation and swirling, disorienting melodies create a sense of dislocation and surrealism that is both fascinating, and unsettling.

The haunting, ethereal vocals penetrate the mix like a distant, otherworldly presence, while the hypnotic percussion and trippy, droning guitar lines provide a constant undercurrent of tension. The song’s overall structure is loose and improvisational, allowing for ample room for exploration and experimentation.

Despite its unconventional approach, “Planchette” is a captivating and hypnotic piece of music that grows deeper as one listens. It’s a perfect example of how the boundaries of genre can be pushed and blurred to create a truly unique and otherworldly sonic experience.

The Poppy Seeds

The Poppy Seeds are a psychedelic shoe-gaze outfit from the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles.

“You are a Drug” is a relaxed underground dream rock track with atmospheric instrumentation and drearily seductive vocals.

The track is reminiscent of a time now dead and gone.

Nonchalant licks over psychedelic dream pop music with female vocals is what sums up this sound. Like a wet nightmare. Now, sharpen your senses, and tune into the hypnotic abyss of The Poppy Seeds.


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