Sergio Díaz De Rojas

Sergio Díaz De Rojas is a Peruvian artist based out of Valencia, Spain.

Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to Sergio’s music and it was simply magical. His meandering piano was whimsical, and swept me off to a land of enchantment.

The floating notes seemed to dance in the night air, creating a sense of childlike wonder that was truly delightful.

His music has a dreamlike quality, with notes floating and swirling like feathers on a summer breeze. Each note was crafted, with a sense of precision and care that was evident in every passing moment.

As I listened, I felt as though I was wandering through an enchanted forest, surrounded by mystical creatures. The music evoked a sense of curiosity, with each new phase revealing a new facet of the world that it conjured up.

In short, the music of Sergio was hauntingly beautiful, with a sense of longing and yearning that tugged at my heart.

This piece was a true delight to listen to. Its ethereal quality transported me to another world where anything was possible.

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Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.