Doom Gong, Michael James Tapscott, China Aster, Los Bitchos

Doom Gong

“Shangri-La Samba” is an utterly captivating track that takes the listener on a journey through its dreamy, ethereal soundscapes. With haunting vocals and intricate guitar riffs, the track builds to a crescendo of hypnotic rhythms and otherworldly melodies that linger long after the song has ended. The band’s ability to blend genres seamlessly creates a unique sound of timeless beauty that sets them apart from the fold.

Michael James Tapscott

Michael James Tapscott’s track is a poignant indie folk project that showcases his evocative songwriting, grungy aesthetic, and heartfelt vocals. The stripped-down instrumentation, featuring and acoustic guitar, perfectly complements the intimate nature of the song, creating a raw and emotional atmosphere. Tapscott’s poetic lyrics touch on heavy themes, while his delivery conveys a sense of longing and vulnerability.

China Aster

Post-production by China Aster is an infectious indie pop song that oozes with electronic energy and uplifting vibrations. From the catchy hooks and driving beat to the sparkling synths and soulful vocals, every element of the track is perfectly crafted to create a feel-good atmosphere that’s quite simply impossible to resist. With its irresistible melody and infectious energy, “Post-production” is the perfect indie pop anthem for anyone looking to shake off their troubles and dance their cares away.

Los Bitchos

“Tequila” a cover track by Los Bitchos is a thrilling journey that blends together elements of surf rock, cumbia, and psychedelia to create a unique and exciting sonic experience. The song’s driving rhythm, propelled by infectious percussion and a groovy bassline, provides the perfect foundation for the band’s intricate guitar work and swirling synth melodies. With its catchy hooks and irresistible groove, “Tequila” is a dancefloor-ready track that’s sure to get even the most stoic listener moving.


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