Downtempo Ft. Solbore and Parker Baldino

Solbore – Overlooked

Solbore offers a captivating blend of ambient electronic and downtempo semblance. Tracks like “Overlooked” create a dreamy, contemplative atmosphere, perfect for centering the mind.

The project’s meticulous sound and cosmic undertones make it a perfect choice for late-night relaxation or even deep introspection.

Parker Baldino – Vermont Avenue

Parker Baldino’s “Vermont Avenue” is a sublime fusion of downtempo and ambient electronic music. His track sets a tranquil tone, while a subtle vibration soothes the mind, and spirit.

The track is a mesmerizing, introspective journey. Perfect for those seeking a sonic escape into serene contemplation, and total relaxation.


Published by

Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.