Cassette Masters – MWS

“MWS” by Cassette Masters is a mesmerizing blend of faux orchestral and electronic elements.

This cyclical experimental track seamlessly merges analog with futuristic synthscapes. The result is a mesmerizing tapestry that elicits a wide range of introspective emotion.

The composition is beautifully arranged, offering moments of tranquility and fragments of intense energy. The project is a testament to the composer’s innovation and is a must-listen for those seeking a captivating and boundary-pushing sonic experience.

Created by Bobby T. Lewis at Casa de Lo-fi.


Published by

J.R. Gilmore

J.R. Gilmore was born in the woodlands, on planet earth, 4.5 billion years after the planet was formed out of a mixture of dust and gas. And at least 3.5 million years after hominids stopped swinging in trees and began walking upright.