10 Ways to Increase Your Spotify Streams and Gain Listeners

BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Post regularly on Instagram, TikTok, X (fka Twitter), and Facebook. Also, relate to your fanbase in an authentic and personal way.

SPOTIFY CODE STICKERS: Make some interesting personalized stickers with your Spotify code and social media handle. Apply stickers around town.

CREATE A SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Compile a Spotify playlist that includes your essential music. And then promote this playlist on your social media platforms.

CREATE MUSIC VIDEOS FOR YOUTUBE: Make a music video for each and every track in your catalog, and then upload it to YouTube. Then, promote your music video on social media.

LINK TO SPOTIFY: Remember to link everything to your Spotify profile. Linktree is an effective tool to utilize in streamlining the cross-linking process.

PROMOTE YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Spend a little money promoting your music videos on YouTube, and remember to always embed a link in your video’s description that directs listeners to your Spotify catalog.

RELEASE NEW MUSIC CONSISTENTLY: Whether you drop a new track every month, a fresh album every quarter, or both, just be sure to always be releasing quality music on a consistent basis. Momentum is of the essence and the key to your longterm success.

COLLABORATE WITH FELLOW ARTISTS: Cross-pollinate with other artists’s fanbases by featuring other artists on your tracks, and co-releasing projects together.

PLAY LIVE SHOWS — SELL MERCH: Tour on a regular basis, and push merchandise at your show. The most popular band merchandise includes shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, vinyl albums, and cassette tapes.

PITCH YOUR MUSIC TO SPOTIFY PLAYLISTERS: Email and DM your music to Spotify playlist curators. You never know who might be intrigued by your music. Just try not to come off as a spam artist. Better yet, interact with playlisters on social media, and attempt to befriend them before you make your pitch.

Follow our Spotify playlist, and pitch your music.

BONUS TIP: Never give up, remember to rest along the way, and enjoy the journey! It’s a long process, and a long hard grind if you want to rock and roll! You must be patient, try to get out of your own way, and just let your art unfold in a natural, and organic way. Only the quitters fail to succeed.


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