Micky Four, rhocantsleep, Hot Toddy Karate, Fuji Gateway, Izzy Flynn, Kira Sheppard

“Today” by Micky Four:
A mesmerizing blend of ambient sounds and ethereal lo-fi vocals, “Today” (a Jefferson Airplane track) takes you on a dreamy journey through the void of space and time. Its psychedelic elements create a surreal atmosphere, while the somber undertones add a touch of melancholy, making it a perfect soundtrack for introspection on a cloudy night.

“A LIL” by rhocantsleep
Rhocantsleep crafts a hard-hitting sonic tapestry with “A LIL” combining an old school aesthetic with subtle textures of a more modern nature. The result is a beautifully chilled-out piece that invites listeners to get lost in its soothing waves of rhythmic pulsations, with psychedelic nuances adding a trippy layer to the overall tranquility of the track.

“Sacksville” by Hot Toddy Karate:
Hot Toddy Karate’s “Sacksville” evokes a sense of quiet introspection. The song weaves delicate electronic melodies, ethereal vocals, and celestial synths into a soothing soundscape of meditative bliss, creating an ambiance of tranquility. Psychedelic elements gently ebb and flow, adding a surreal dimension to its overall beauty.

“Tuesdays, Am I Right?” by Fuji Gateway:
“Tuesdays, Am I Right?” by Fuji Gateway is a sonic meditation that captivates one with its atmospheric brilliance. The song’s somber undertones are complemented by haunting vocals and intricate guitar work, while psychedelic effects transport the listener to a transcendent realm of whimsical serenity.

“Penguinifur” by Izzy Flynn:
Izzy Flynn is a masterclass in ambient beauty. And her song’s relaxed aesthetic is adorned with shimmering beauty and subtle embellishments of a calm serenity, creating an otherworldly sonic experience. The somber undertones lend depth to the piano composition, making it a truly immersive journey into the depths of the mind.

“Adorama” by Kira Sheppard:
Kira Sheppard paints a vivid sonic canvas with “Adorama”. This extraterrestrial masterpiece combines ambient textures, celestial synths, and haunting vocals to create an introspective atmosphere of a galactic proportion. Psychedelic elements add a touch of surrealism, making it a captivating and emotionally rich composition. The cosmic touches add a layer of complexity, inviting listeners to explore the depths of its sonic landscape.


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Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.