0054: Coughy Bitters – 1986 (2024)


1986 Brings a Raw Underground Hip-Hop Experience

Today, Coughy Bitters, a burgeoning force in the indie hip-hop scene, announces the release of his anticipated EP, 1986. The final installment, of a four part series.

This four-track project is a testament to Coughy’s unique style, blending gritty urban narratives with soulful beats that echo the pulse of the underground.

Featuring a diverse range of production, 1986 takes us on a sonic journey through the underbelly of the metro, with a fearless approach.

The EP is not just rap; it’s a lucid experience — an unfiltered glimpse into the artist’s dreamworld.

In an era dominated by commercialized mainstream trends, Coughy Bitter’s 1986 stands out as a beacon of authenticity, reminding us of the power that resides in the heart of the underground scene.

The project was Produced by Coughy Bitters and J.R. Gilmore. And Mixed and Mastered by J.R. Gilmore.

1986 is available now on all major streaming platforms.


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J.R. Gilmore

J.R. Gilmore was born in the woodlands, on planet earth, 4.5 billion years after the planet was formed out of a mixture of dust and gas. And at least 3.5 million years after hominids stopped swinging in trees and began walking upright.