Top Indie Tracks of 2018 | Spotify Exclusive

Boy Leadfoot

Max Gordon, Ben Garrison, and Jack Passay are the three musketeers who make up Boy Leadfoot. They’re an indie rock band out of Canada who infuse elements of the blues and soul into their melodic alternative sound. The track “Swallow” off their Turn-Buckle album, is a groovy jam that deals with both the light and darkness of a passionate love affair. Everything can seem fine and dandy, until one day you realize you are being swallowed whole by an infectious love of toxicity. 

Jack Martini

Jack Martini is a jack of all trades. His track “Floating” is an ode to a·vant-garde pop. A transcendental jam that will have you writhing in ecstasyas the smooth vocals and rhythmic vibrations of the delectable beat reaches beyond the stratosphere. The song was written by Jack Martini, and produced by Braydon Germain and John Miller.

Dreaming of Islands

Sweden-based Dreaming of Islands’ “Dune” is a whimsical track that seems to glide across the cosmic seas in beautiful fashion. The enormous synths hit the listener like a galactic typhoon, yet the dreamy vocals keep one grounded and calm as the electronic soundscape waxes and wanes itself into a world all of its own. 

Mah Kee Oh

Hailing from Denton, TexasMah Kee Oh delivers a moody melody entitled, “Uppercut”. The sound is drenched in reverb and seems to be lost in a deep sleep. Not knowing if one is awake or not is the conundrum here. As the tune stumbles through the maze of a supposed reality, it intensifies, but to no avail. Like a hamster going nowhere on a running wheel. 

Randy Steele

Renegade Americana bluegrass artist Randy Steele looks to the great beyond with his experimental roots track, “Mabbitt Springs”. The blistering banjo, fiddle, and harmonic vocals set to the storyline of a prophetic tale, blurs the genre of bluegrass, as Steele paints an unprecedented texture rooted in the soil of those who have come before him.  

Buddha Trixie

Buddha Trixie is a dynamic four-piece indie rock band of brothers from other mothers who blend the psychedelic with lo-fi anthemic power rock. In the digital age of ever encompassing electronics that seem to be mesmerizing homo sapiens like an infectious disease, Buddha Trixie laments of a nostalgic time when friends would actually hang out—a pastime that’s becoming alien to us all.  

Gian Marco Castro

Gian Marco Castro is a blossoming composer from Augusta, Italy. The young man infuses delectable strings and piano beyond his yearscoupled with tantalizing beats, as he weaves his way from classical to more experimental music. “Hurts – Healing I” is one of his classical pieces, and it’s a bit on the dreary side. The poignant notes of his piano pierce right through the heart of the listeneras it makes way for a brighter dawn.


Born and raised in West Kalimantan, Rhyms love for indie music grew and finally took hold upon studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia. His track “Honey (Chill Feels)” is a chill and down to earth ode to melancholy indie folk. His crooning voice sets the tone for a relaxed EP that showcases his softer side. It’s a charming soundscape to behold. 

Coyle Girelli

The Chevin frontman, Coyle Girelli, released his second solo track “My Blue Heart”a rockabilly waltz set to rhythmic riffs and and a genuine love for a simpler time when the King ruled supreme. The song was inspired by Girelli’s sessions with Legendary Singer-Songwriter, Mac Davis, the writer of iconic smash hits such as “In The Ghetto” and “A Little Less Conversation”.

Echo Ladies

The end of the world is as we know it is nigh, and the Echo Ladies “Overrated” will be our anthem as we mindlessly dance into the clutches of the great unknown. After years atop the Swedish indie scene, the synth power-pop band from Malmö, encapsulates teen angst, or as they put it: “Being scared of growing up and standing on the border of adulthood without knowing what will happen.” The track was recorded by up-and-coming producer, Joakim Lindberg. It’s a cosmic explosion of the color pink. 

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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