Bandcamp Exclusive: Walker Landing | Luca Longobardi | Beachglass

Walker Landing

Brandon Schilling of Walker Landing, manifests a rich soundscape full of glistening synthesizers, deep bass tones, and vivid vocals.

Landing’s sound is a mystical reflection of the metropolis nighttime grime and fading nostalgic daydreams. The track, and album as a whole, tells a wonderful story of wanderlust, addiction, isolation, and the need to escape to another place. A sort of manic dream into the shadows of reality’s darkness.

Created between Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago and Berlin — Landing’s vibrations combine gritty electronic orchestration and a heavy melodic emotion of existential angst.

“I found this home way above the haze, in day dream heights, on palace lawns, where we play the game, a field lounge in the sky, a fountain grove, the neighbors never age, in day dream heights, now we’ll always be together, seeing how you’ve arrived.” — Walker Landing

Luca Longobardi

Luca Longobardi, an experimental pianist and composer among thousands of other things — is an artist out of Rome, Italy — dishing up a pure and calm ensemble infested with a beautiful piano and mesmerizing synths.

The man approaches the classical genre with an openness to electronic exploration — outlining a personal style that is clear and distinguishable from the herd, and highly appreciated both in Italy and around the world.

Luca mainly writes for contemporary ballet, film, and immersive installations. He is the author of original soundtracks and in charge of musical direction for the immersive theater.

“The Garden” is off a 3 track EP, recorded live.

Even though each track has its own independent feeling, they are all meant to be three different experiences along the same journey.


Beachglass is the throwback project of Andrea Cormier, Adam Nicoll, Alexandra Khalimonova and the percussion extraordinaire, Kevin Smith.

The radical band of hedonistic misfits blends chilled out surfer psychedelia and alternative rock with subtle hints of folky undertones. The mashup is a magnificent trip to behold.

The psych-rockers out of Montreal, display a not so conventional style with “Let Me Go” — an infectious track off their new album, Sunroom Sanctuary.

“Let me disappear, into your body, and let it breathe in my soul, wild flowers and ruby orchids, cloud castles and black sand, ah let me go back.” — Beachglass

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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