Indie Pop Showcase Ft. Kitzl, Mr Mugen, Monty Datta, HotKid, Winona Oak, Gracie Gray, Stevie Zita


Kitzl plays with organically derived sounds in a playful — electronic pop sort of way. Her work builds upon unearthly soundscapes and also dabbles in everyday sounds — resulting in some breathtaking soundscapes.

While each piece is emotionally rooted in human experiences — her sonic vibrations can conjure up imagery of nonexistent lifeforms, an extraterrestrial treat.

However, there is a subtle conflict in Kitzl’s work. It’s a disquieted feud between somewhat of a naive character, and a darker, more vague entity.

Here is Kitzl’s “40 moons”.

Mr Mugen

Mr Mugan is an experimental lo-fi artist out of Milan, Italy.

His latest track incorporates instrumental beats of a very chill nature, and also infuses some piano, cello, and an electrifying synth solo. It’s masterful.

Mr Mugen is always working up new tracks in the studio, and is always dishing up something fresh.

Here’s one of our favorite as of late entitled “Pretty Sticky”. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Monty Datta

New Jersey-based Monty Datta is an experimental lo-fi wizard mashing up exotic jams of a sumptuous nature.

Now, he’s back with the new EP “Melodies for Heartbreak”.

“Heartbreak is a worldwide epidemic”, says Monty Datta. “Music can function like therapy for a lot of people though, and I really hope my EP can bring the feels to the listeners. It’s hard to not feel something while listening…”

With Cold Illumination’s voice and style combined with Monty Datta’s lo-fi vibe — Melodies for Heartbreak is the ultimate soundtrack for heartache.


HotKid is an indie garage pop artist out of Toronto.

The creative force behind the project — Shiloh Harrison — has been writing, recording, and performing under the moniker HotKid for about a decade now.

“Warrior” — the latest from HotKid — is a nice indie jam wreaking of a nostalgic past. It’s simply irresistible. Listen and enjoy.

Winona Oak

Today, Swedish born, LA-based artist Winona Oak released her long awaited debut single “He Don’t Love Me”.

“We’re all capable of falling for people who don’t value us, grasping for a leaving hand. But we must understand that we’re just as capable of realizing that our worth does not lay in those heavy hands.” – Winona Oak

Winona was born and raised in a Nordic forest in Sweden on a small crop of land called Sollerön — known as the Island of the Sun.

With a childhood spent encountering more animals than people, Winona pursued creative expression however she could — writing poetry and songs from a very young age.

Here is Winona’s long awaited, “He Don’t Love Me”.

Gracie Gray

Being schooled at home in the hills of West LA proved advantageous for Gracie Gray — a burgeoning musician who spent most of her youth writing songs and recording local bands with her dad’s vintage eight-track.

What began as playing local gigs with her siblings — soon developed into a passionate affair with the art world.

Gray’s vocals combine a classic sound with a softer sensibility, while her songwriting and production is of an ethereal aesthetic. It makes for some special stuff.

Be sure to catch Gray’s album release show! it will be at the Bootleg Theater on Sunday July 7th! Here is the ticket link for the event:

Stevie Zita

Stevie Zita is a local stargazer and experimental musician out of Toronto, Canada.

His sound is a lazy bedroom mashup of lo-fi pop, and perhaps just a bit of Frank Ocean and Mac DeMarco. It’s simply sublime.

Zita’s track “Cocoa Ono” is a tropical slow burner reminiscing upon a long lost love. It’s just absolutely heartbreaking. Listen and dig…


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