Crayon ft. Lossapardo

Photo Courtesy of Crayon’s Instagram

Electronic French artist Crayon collaborates with Lossapardo on “Pink”, an intimate track off his latest experimental EP, Post Blue. It’s one of those songs that ends before you know it. The kind of track that lulls you into a lucid daydream — only to snap you back into our supposed reality upon its final note. 

I feel that we are all born into this world with an innate sense of knowledge, a sort of inherent wisdom that transcends both space and time.

It’s the paradoxical tale of the temporary infantile state of wisdom that seems to be clouded by the veil of indoctrination as one is culturally conditioned into an apathetic state of servitude. Beyond the introspective world of the Parisian composer lies a love story steeped in this very same youthful conundrum. It’s the eternal tale of a young girl attempting to escape reality.

The track is a soft and delicate dreamscape set to the ethereal vocals of Lossapardo. It’s a fusion of an idealistic world and the profound need to escape to another place.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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