Best Neo-Classical Tracks of 2019: Vol. I Ft. Sal Dulu | Fax Machine | Mattia Cupelli

Sal Dulu

“Xompulse” is the latest track from Irish composer, Sal Dulu. The new track is a unique and beautiful piano piece that is beautifully infused with subtle ambient influences of classical and jazz music.

The lo-fi sound seems to whisk the listener away to a warm and fuzzy place with sweet dewdrops on every waking face.

Since releasing his first track back in 2017, Dulu has slowly become known as an artist who is unafraid to push the sonic boundaries of what is conventional.

Dulu now seems to be on the verge of creating something groundbreaking — a fresh new soundscape that may very well alter the indie sphere of neo-classical music.


Fax Machine

Fax Machine spends most of their waking and sleeping hours in a bright yellow wooden box filled with musical instruments and all the time in the world.

Their synths are warped, guitar strings busted, and the aging piano named ‘Angry Bruce’, doesn’t even pay rent. The result is a sound that is slightly demented, yet more infectious than the disease in the film, 12 Monkeys.

Fax Machine’s “Stalin” — an avant-garde lo-fi banger recorded on an old piano in a former vicarage on the outskirts of Newcastle, and in a cave on the Northumbrian coast line — takes one on a methodical ride through the cosmic oceans of neo-classical music.

“Stalin” is the second track off the double A-side single “Eddie Morphy / Stalin” released on 1st of Feb, 2019 — via Treetrunk label.


Mattia Cupelli

Mattia Cupelli is an italian composer based out of Rome, Italy. 

He infuses neo-classical and ambient sounds of whimsical quality with minimal contemporary electronic and modern piano music.

His latest works are highly influenced by the artists — Nils frahm and Nicolas Jaar.

The vivid acoustic soundscape of “Empty Spaces” sets the mark ever higher for Cupelli’s eclectic sound of cinematic magnitude.



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