Monday Review Ft. Jonsjooel, Peder, and half of a rainbow


The Finnish artist and composer Jonsjooel, brings to us a song of experimental brilliance. With a diverse background in music, his sound is an experimental blend of various influences. Jonsjooel draws on his roots as a jazz drummer, as he defies categorization, and creates a unique sound.

This experimental track is a true gem. It’s ethereal vocals, coupled with a mesmerizing melody, create a transcendent listening experience that will leave the listener feeling weightless and yearning for more. A true masterpiece of experimental music.

Some call it music, but others might call it noise. Just like how we listen to the world. There is so much to listen too. All we need to do is listen carefully.

Words don’t exist outside humankind, as far as we know. Realizing this could help us discover ways to comprehend sound and our connection to other things. What better place to become more aware of this connection than in nature?


Peder, an artist from Copenhagen, Denmark has worked in numerous fields such photography, radio, and more recently as an actor.

“Blue Eyed Heart” is a sultry sonic delight.

The smooth crooning vocals, accompanied by a seductive piano melody, create a mood that’s both alluring and irresistible. A perfect tune to set the mood for a romantic evening.

half of a rainbow

half of a rainbow is the vintage art-rock project of the German artist, Johannes Harder, who blends retro pop melodies with his love for experimentation and the lo-fi sound.

Growing up in the creative hub of Berlin, half of a rainbow is a nostalgic expression of revolutionary vibrations.

This track takes you back in time to the swinging sixties. With its radical beat, retro guitar riffs, and vintage production, it’s the perfect homage to the era of flower power and free love.

Indeed, a delightful throwback that captures the essence of a time that’s now dead and gone.


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Ellis Walker

Poet and freelance journalist.